Contaminating Waters

Ultrasonic boat antifouling

Water is the source of life. All living things need water. Humans, animals and plants cannot survive without it. Yet, water is often taken for granted by people. We waste large amounts of it, watering our lawns and washing our cars with pure, clear, perfectly drinkable water. We fill enormous pools with it and use it to put out huge fires. We throw trash in the oceans and poison our seas with toxic chemicals. We paint our ships with dangerous kinds of boat antifoul instead of using safer modern types of boat antifoul such as ultrasonic boat antifouling. In addition to not using ultrasonic boat antifouling, we direct our sewer systems in rivers, lakes and oceans. We are disrespectful towards nature, which will have an impact on us in the long run.

What Will Happen If We Do Not Stop?

The effects of water contamination are already great, but will quickly become hazardous if we continue in the same manner. So, what will happen if we continue using toxic boat antifoul instead of ultrasonic boat antifouling? What will come to pass if we continue throwing garbage in the oceans and waste drinkable water? First and foremost, our health will be greatly affected. Swimming in a sea will become dangerous and poisonous for us. Drinkable water will become hard to find, which will result in many people dying of thirst. Bacteria and parasites will be present in all types of waters, waiting for a contact with humans. Initially, more and more marine and Clearwater species will become extinct, and later, other animals living on dry land would die of thirst as well. The consequences of water contamination can become strikingly horrendous, so it is extremely important that we take action now and not when it is already too late.