Adventures on Soca river

Soca river canyoning

Soca is one of the most beautiful rivers in Slovenia and even in the whole Europe – a part in the movie series The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, based on the books by C. S. Lewis, was filmed on the river a few years back, this supports the claim by the locals that it is absolutely magical. Thanks to its color it is nicknamed the “emerald river”, and it offers a space for many outdoor activities, including rafting and canyoning.

Rafting on Soca river is most appropriate for the people who enjoy adrenaline rushes and like to spend time in nature. Spending time on a raft or kayak, surrounded by natural vistas, is a great activity for families or friends who want to get some exercise and enjoy nature. Rafting on Soca River offers recreation and relaxation on an 8 kilometer stretch of whitewater. Experienced, professional instructors will not rush you along the way, and they will make sure that you will be prepared for all obstacles on the way. Rafting on Soca River is also a great activity for team-buildings.

Soca river canyoning

Another popular activity is Soca river canyoning. Canyoning is exploring the waterfalls, natural slides and canyons of the Soca River. It is an adrenaline-filled activity, where you can enjoy nature to the fullest, as you get to hike through lush forests, slide down natural waterfalls into clear water and swim in one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. The beautiful gorge offers many spots for adrenaline activities. The professional instructors will lead you through and make sure you are safe, they will first show you how to descend through canyons and help you along the way. You will get to hike through nature on the way the starting points and descend into natural pools.

Spend some time on the beautiful emerald river in Slovenia!