Rafting and kayaking adventures in Bovec

Rafting Bovec

The Soca river is one of the most beautiful European rivers, but it is not just visually attractive. It also offers a wide variety of activities that can be done on the water surface, like rafting and kayaking. Both activities are offered by many local tourist agencies, especially in the larger centres along the upper part of the river. The main focus point of the offer is in Bovec, which is a really well-developed tourist town. It’s quite easy to find rafting and kayaking adventures if you’re staying here.

Rafting Bovec

Rafting is one of the most popular activities for the visitors of the Soca valley. It’s offered in several towns in the region, but rafting Bovec is known to be the most attractive, definitely worth coming all the way up the valley. In Bovec, many tourist agencies will offer customized tours that can take you through the most attractive parts of the river, which is definitely worth checking out. Beside that, rafting Bovec can be an interesting group activity no matter where the course takes you. That’s why it’s especially popular with friends, families, co-workers, and other groups.

Kayak Bovec

As it is for rafting, Bovec is also very suitable for kayaking. There are many different options available to suit everyone’s tastes. Kayak Bovec is offered in different packages, both as a fun social activity and exploration of the river. In every case, you can get professional guidance and quite a hands-free experience, while the beginners have the option to learn how to kayak. Bovec is very well suited for all kinds of tourists that wish to explore the new experiences, and also for the experienced adventurers that appreciate the unique natural attraction of the Soca river in this part.